Hello, we are ALTA!

Founded in April 2010 and incubated at the Instituto Gênesis da PUC-Rio, we were conceived as a spin-off from the Núcleo de Excelência em Geotecnia Ambiental – NGA, created in 1986 at PUC-Rio, and currently counts more than 20 multidisciplinary researchers distributed throughout Brazil working under the theme “Geotechnics Applied to the Prediction, Evaluation, Prevention and Remediation of Geo-Hydro-Environmental Problems”.

This group is one of the first in the area to be officially recognized by the research institutions CNPq / MCTI and FAPERJ, which demonstrates its important role in contributing to science, as well as training and qualification of human resources for the country. Our relationship provides for application and production of technical knowledge generated, technology transfer, as well as training and qualification of the team.

Throughout this history, we have been in contact with other institutions of excellence, such as the Institute of Informatics of UFAL and the Laboratory of Software Engineering (LES) of the Department of Informatics of PUC-Rio, with the objective of developing geotechnologies focused on the theme ‘natural disasters’.

Following this line, between 2012 and 2014 we obtained financial support from the institutions CNPq / MCTI, FINEP and Faperj for the development of the project “GEODECISION – Plataforma Computacional para Gerenciamento de Desastres Naturais Causados por Chuvas em Obras Lineares e Áreas Urbanas”.The system is a set of solutions aimed at the prevention and management of natural disasters associated with rainfall, and can be commercialized with the government, large asset management companies such as highways, railways and pipelines, as well as insurers.

In addition, we continue to gain experience in the area of ​​projects and consultancies.

In 2013,we received from the National Association of Entities Promoting Innovative Enterprises (ANPROTEC) the National Award for Innovative Entrepreneurship as the best incubated company of the year in Brazil. 

In 2014, we graduated from the incubator and left for a headquarters of 85 m² in the Center of Rio de Janeiro-RJ, where we are today.

In 2015, with five years of life, we strengthen partnerships with national and international companies and institutions, expanding possibilities for service delivery and technological developments. Also this year, GEODECISION received the award for the 2nd best geotechnology in Brazil in the Environment category, according to the magazine MundoGEO for the event  #‎ConnectLatinAmerica2015, held in São Paulo-SP.

In view of these excellent results, we were invited to join ANPEI –National Association of Research and Development of Innovative Companies, a body with more than 30 years of history made up of companies from various sizes and sectors that continuously invest in innovation, actively participating in the Committee of Micro and Small Enterprises with Medium and Large.

In 2016, even with the financial crisis, we remained resilient, reinventing ourselves as a company, adapting ourselves to the difficulties presented and turning them into opportunities. Despite the national scenario we managed to keep our team and expand our business in other areas neglected by the market.

Proof of this is that, in 2017, we once again became strong in the national market, with a greater focus on waste dumping area, while continuing to operate in the area of ​​infrastructure. In addition, we invest in new technologies as augmented reality and plant new seeds in other areas of engineering, in order to add more value to our service. As a consequence, we have achieved our best result in history.

Today we have a team of 16 multidisciplinary professionals, in addition to NGA / PUC-Rio consultants, all very well qualified and oriented by the same culture of values ​​and a profile based on entrepreneurship, quality, team spirit and commitment to the client.

Come and meet us, it will be a pleasure to welcome you!

Best regards, from ALTA.


Our mission is to positively impact our society through innovative solutions for the management and prevention of natural disasters in urban areas, as well as safety and reduction of geotechnical risks of large assets.


To be a reference in Brazil in innovative solutions and of excellence in the geotechnical area until 2020.



We are entrepreneurs by nature, driven by great challenges. We want to impact our customers and society with our geoenvironmental solutions. We also believe that risk is part of the business and that mistakes should be used as learning opportunities.


We are a young, motivated and highly qualified team. We draw lessons from our mistakes and celebrate our victories together. The final product of our service has the participation of all. Therefore, the ball has to be passed round to the colleague. At ALTA, besides praising a more relaxed environment, we do not have walls separating people, because we believe that knowledge must be diffused and shared at all times.


Our work is based on current technical standards and good engineering practices. We strive for excellence in everything we do, whether in our field surveys, geotechnical instrument readings, project details, as well as producing quality reports and allowing the client a complete understanding of the service provided.


We have a partnership relationship with our clients. We think with your pocket, we are moved by your challenges and we always look for the best ways for your projects to be well deployed, operated or closed, and to remain safe in the long run.



GEODECISION Platform: 2nd best geotechnology in Brazil in the Environment segment – MundoGEO # ConnectLatinAmerica2015

2012 AND 2014

GEODECISION Platform: Innovative projects selected by TECNOVA – Faperj / Finep and RHAE – CNPq / MCTI for grant incentives


ALTA Geotechnics: Best Incubated Company in Brazil – Innovative Entrepreneurship – ANPROTEC


GEODECISION Platform: 1st place in the Pitch Competition Energy – AES Brasil, Gávea Angels and MIT Brasil